What’s Next

The research project is finally done and submitted; by the end I was, I now realise, quite sick of it, having perceived that it’s not really much good, not what was asked for, and has probably destroyed my chances of a good degree at the end.  Cheerful thoughts.  But still we soldier on.  Now I am starting on the next module, entitled ‘Photography and the Index’, which covers some of the same issues I was dimly wrestling with over the summer – I can’t help feeling it would have been better to do these modules in reverse – such as the theoretical and practical difficulties raised by the apparent fact that a photograph is necessarily an image of something that actually exists.  There is an enormous assumption that this in some way limits the scope for photographs to have meaning, or to represent the world in a meaningful way.  By way of attempting to query this assumption, here’s a picture I took a few weeks ago.  By all means ignore the caption, it’s not meant to be definitive.

Do you recognise this man? Call us now.

Do you recognise this man? Call us now.

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