I've got some art stuck in my eye

I stopped in my tracks this morning when this painting flashed past on my Facebook feed.  I scrolled back. What was that?  Van Gogh?  Why, today, is this particular Van Gogh making me teary eyed?

It’s the sky, for sure, in Wheat Field with Cypresses, that gets me.  I’ll never forget when my son, at age three, fell in love with Van Gogh’s Starry Night. “What do you think those swirls are in the sky?” I asked him.  “The wind!” he said, without hesitation.  The wind!  Of course!  It had never occurred to me.  I’m a sucker for swirls, and spirals, and circles.  But I had never thought about what they might represent in Starry Night. I’m not even sure why that question came out of my mouth.  But his answer astounded me.

Wind, for me, is new possibilities, fresh air, change coming, exhilaration. (I mention…

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